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Our Journey to a Dry Yard Begins

I’ve lived in California all my life and I know droughts. That’s why I’ve always saved water at every opportunity. It’s just a way of life. We have a Fisher & Paykel dishdrawer that uses about a 1.8 gallons a load, a front loading water efficient washing machine, dual flush toilets, low flow shower heads, and a rear garden that hasn’t seen lawn in 20 years.  But, here’s the but, we have a drop-dead gorgeous and lush 700 sq foot emerald green front lawn. Sure, the shrubs surrounding it are a filled with drought tolerant plants, but who am I kidding. Those plants slurp up every drop of moisture from the lawn they can. Drought tolerant plants “tolerate” drought. What they love is water.

Then the drought of 2013-14 began in earnest. “What are we going to do honey? Just let the lawn go brown?” I asked my husband. You see, this current drought is no laughing matter and we, as good citizens, are ready to do are part.

“Well, the water district has this program…,” he replied.

I knew of the program. You tear out your lawn and the water district tosses you a few bucks to ease the pain. Tear out the lawn–not let it go brown, not look into green lawn dye–tear it out, as in take on a HUGE project. I’ve been married long enough to recognize a delegation about to happen.

“But honey, you love that lawn,” I countered.

“I don’t want to mow anymore.”

And that was it. Husband doesn’t want to mow anymore. I have never wanted to mow. Our indentured servants (son one and son two) have moved out. So while grass dye seemed a viable option until the drought was over and we re-seeded, the lawn had to go.