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Been Jammin’

Jars of Peach Jam

The cottage garden is glorious, but I have been too busy stirring bubbling pots of deliciousness to post photos. It’s jam season. Beautiful apricots, followed by other stone fruit, and crabapples…but more about them in a minute.

Today’s project, my first peach jam.Peach jam

Pretty isn’t it? Hmmm. I think it’s a bit on the sweet side and doesn’t have that just picked peach flavor. I forgot the first rule of canning: use the right fruit. The farmer’s market on Santa Clara street had these simply delicious cling peaches at their peak. Even after boiling in hot water, the skins would not come off, and the pits, well they’re called “cling” peaches for a reason. Tigress in a Jam could have made something lovely with this fruit. I suffered from overconfidence after making 24 pints of the most delicious apricot jam on the planet. 24 pints, you read that correctly. (Thanks Dad for the cases of fruit!)

About those crabapples…my neighbor has a tree full of ripe crabapples. It’s July right? Nevertheless they are about to fall into my lap. His fruit for my jam making services. Sounds like a fair exchange. Of course he doesn’t know that I’ve never made crabapple jelly before. Shhh!

Two Crabapples
What a lovely color are these crabapples. The flesh is the same orangy-apricot but tastes like, well, apple!