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  1. The ciropsis start is growing and the other plant (can’t recall the name is doing well). Would love to see TJ’s garden!

    • The other plant is Erigeron glaucus x Wayne Roderick Daisy. I’m so glad the Coreopsis grandiflora ‘Early Sunrise’is working out.

  2. They do indeed look fabulous. I love walking by your garden at this time of year to see what new flowers are popping.

  3. Hi Kinzie, I’m a neighbor and your amazing husband replied to an email of mine asking where to get wood chips. He also recommended your blog on sheet mulching. I’ve read quite a few articles and watched a lot of you tube videos, and your blog still answered questions I had not found elsewhere. Thank you!

  4. Very, very much enjoyed the blog. Lots of good info about oxalis and crabgrass. NOW I will be marching over from 14th to see the garden. Thanks so much for the inspiration which I will be sharing with my amazing (but not ALWAYS in a good way)husband.

    • Elise, Your kind words mean so much. If I’m not in the garden, please knock. I’d be happy to answer any of your questions and offer plant cuttings.