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salvia sylvestris pink

Too many plants, too few acres.

That shall be my motto!

Of course I had to swing through the garden section of OSH on a resent visit to purchase light bulbs. There, side by side were purple and pink salvias looking so pretty together. One, the dark purple, is a favorite of mine. For many years I’ve relocated and propagated that particular sage until, at last, it found a happy place in the Garden in front of the Ribes; however, I’ve long since forgotten the name of the variety. In habit and form it matches the description of Salvia nemorosa from Plant Delights Nursery: “It has wrinkled leaves and forms an erect clump 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide.”

Salvia nemorosa

But the pink salvia! Yum! It leapt into my cart. An under-performing Erigeron glaucus made way for this latest aquistion to grow along side the dark puple version. I can’t wait for the colors to mingle.

salvia sylvestris pink

One complaint: the identification tag only specified “Salvia.” (Wow, that narrows it down.) It looks a lot like photos of Salvia sylvestris Balyricose from High Country Gardens. So for now, I’ll go with that.

Salvia nemorosa + salvia sylvestris pink = so pretty!


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