Plant Tags from Mason Jar Lids

mason jar lid plant tagSince I make a lot of jam, I had a lot of old mason jar lids in the kitchen drawer. My frugal dad insists that they can be reused, but the cost of a new lid is about 5 cents, the cost of botulism is much higher. Ana Araujo from When Creativity Knocks and author of Mason Jar Madness suggested a new life for these old lids.

1. Stack the lids and use a power drill or metal punch to make two holes about 1″ apart near the rim. The holes must be large enough for coat hanger wire to fit through.

2. Spray the lids with flat black Rust-Oleum

3. Write the names of the plants using a white paint pen (I think I used an oil-based sharpie). I added “NATIVE” in gold to California native plants.

4. Cut and bend coat hanger wire to make a stake for the tag and insert it into the drilled holes. Husband’s dry cleaner uses white hangers so that’s what I used. I liked the look, but where the paint scratches off, they will rust (as seen in the photo).

mason jar madness

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