Sweet Peas Most Certainly Belong in a Low Water Garden

Green Sweet Pea Pods

Hand me a bunch of freshly picked sweet peas and watch me swoon. Hence, I had to have sweet peas in the Garden. Never mind that the garden is low water. The sweeties would have to fend for themselves (except for the slugs and snails, I had to help with those). Fend they did. The Garden was filled with the intoxicating fragrance of “April in Paris” sweet peas from March through June.

Last of the Sweet Peas
Last of the Sweet Peas in Early May

Well, June is a bit of an exaggeration. The sweet peas began fading in earnest the first week of June. Recall my post about composting in place and the three annuals I encourage? As the peas faded, I let them go to seed. That meant waist high, straw brown pea vines for a while.

Sweet pea pods have this wonderful habit of getting dryer and dryer, until finally they enthusiastically pop open and broadcast their seeds. (You may have seen me pinching the dry pods for fun. They make a most satisfying crackling sound.)

Sweet Pea Pods

Of course I harvested some seeds for myself and my fellow gardeners. I did not however, compost in place. Towards the end of the season, the vines were covered with powdery mildew and I thought it best to toss the lot in the yard waste.

2016-06-18 SweetPea

Welcome to the Garden

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