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Grindelia hirsutula Update: It’s a Weed

Grindelia hirsutula is an open, rangy plant not suitable for a border in a cottage garden.

Despite its native California pedigree, Grindelia hirsutula is weed. By that I mean a plant that looks weedy despite being purchased and planted by me! In an earlier post, I wasn’t so sure about whether Grindelia hirsutula would make the cut. Husband hates it so its fate is sealed.

Its only redeeming feature is that it attracts native pollinators. Therefore the execution is stayed until after it finishes blooming.

Grindelia hirsutula
Lovely little pollinator on the Hairy gumplant. Grindelia hirsutula is a dry-loving perennial herb that is native to California. However, it does look like a weed and is not long for my garden!

Up close, the Grindelia hirsutula flowers are very pretty. However, the plant’s rangy habit makes it unattractive in a border.

Grindelia hirsutula was purchased at a native plant sale in a 4 inch pot. It was planted in full sun at the front of the border (big mistake). It grew to 30 inches high in one season. Grindelia hirsutula receives a sip of water once a week. This plant is thriving in unamended clay soil covered by a thick layer of wood chips. Companions are Silver Bush Lupine, Arroyo Lupine, Blue-eyed Grass, and Lambs ears.



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