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Newest Acquisition: Eryngium ‘Sapphire Blue’

Isn’t she a beauty? Eryngium ‘Sapphire Blue’ isn’t really a “new” acquisition. I planted three 4″ pots of Eryngium last fall. One didn’t survive. The remaining two were just a few tough leaves and a lot of hope. Early this spring they were drowning in spittlebug spittle. I hosed them off, sprayed with neem oil, then hand picked new spittlebugs as they appeared. Was it worth it? YES! I love the strange spiky flower heads that turn from silver green to this amazing metallic purple. The chartreuse-colored santolina provides a great backdrop for this interesting flower, don’t you think?

Just as I was about to put up the camera for the day, a bumblebee paid a visit. I guess that means the Eryngium gets the bee stamp of approval.

Eryngium and Bumblebee 2016-05-03


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