Bringing Back Verbascum

Verbascum A.K.A. mullien

The Southern Charm hybrid is already blooming as advertised. However, I’m still hovering over the other two varieties. Last fall, Verbascum chiaxii ‘album’ was giving a great flower show. Masses of white flowers …well, take a look:

2014-11-04 16.12.52

Then one morning she was gone. Vanished. Stolen! Every leaf, every trace gone. Mind you, she was 3 feet high at the time. Someone ripped my darling out at soil level. The thief probably expected to take the root ball as well, however the roots had grown through the mole cage and so the plant was severed at the crown. Poor baby. I hope the thief got a rash. All that was left were five rather thick roots poking above the soil. I read that verbascum could be propagated by root cuttings, so I sent a little prayer over the roots and left them alone. Five months later, it’s back! No flower stalks yet, but a nice 18″ rosette of leaves. Hope springs.

Verbascum chaixii 'album'
Verbascum chaixii ‘album’

The other verbascum, ‘Dark Mullien’ is supposed to deliver a riot of yellow flowers on candelabra stems. After being planted in the fall, it grew three leaves and then … nothing. During the winter it totally died back. I admit I really  thought it was a goner. Alas, it now has half a dozen new leaves. I’m still not sure it is happy, but we’ll give it another chance.

Verbascum nigrum 'Dark Mullien'
Verbascum nigrum ‘Dark Mullien’

Star of the Show: Southern Charm

I originally planted one of each verbascum variety to see how they faired. One was stolen,  one, did nothing, and ‘Southern Charm’ bloomed and bloomed. Pretty, but not pretty enough to steal, I planted six more in the fall. Almost all have sent up stalks of peach colored blooms with violet eyes.

Verbascum, Southern Charm
Verbascum, Southern Charm

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