Western Mock Orange — New Specimen Shrub

Philadelphus lewsii 'Covelo'

She may not look like much now, but this CA native should put on a show in a few years. California Flora Nursery describes Philadelphus lewsii ‘Covelo’ thus–

Densely branched deciduous native shrub up to 8 ft. tall with light green foliage and shreddy brown bark. Deliciously fragrant pure white saucer-shaped blossoms perfume the air in late spring.

Philadelphus belle etoile is a staple of the cottage garden. I opted for the native version of this standard and hope I made the right choice. Not noted for drought tolerance, I allotted her three .5 gal emitters on the same one day a week cycle as everything else. She is also planted in a location that receives morning and midday sun, then shade for the rest of the day. This first summer, I’ll baby her while she sets down roots, then she’s on her own.

Philadelphus lewsii 'Covelo'
Philadelphus lewsii ‘Covelo’
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